New Clothing And Wig Catalog Coming Soon

15 08 2008

Penguin Games 22-26 August 2008

15 08 2008

Letter Bot The Bot That Sends U Rare Card

15 08 2008

well i found letter bot soon i will be making a tracker for it

last seen at sleet dock

if u want him to send u a card first u say 1.LETTER 2.Send Card then he will send u a card but it can be any card he wants to send u hes similar to chewys bot blue gails but letter bot doesint give items out but letter bot can play games with u and hes also a rlly good sledder so if u see him just tell me and i will put it to my list

Zapper903 is a retart

15 08 2008

Iam Bak To Make Vids

15 08 2008

Wierd Glitch When I Was Sleding

15 08 2008

New Pin

15 08 2008

New Sport Catalog August 2008

15 08 2008

the winner is…

5 08 2008

Ok Since Only One Person Commented The Contest Is Cancelled For Now…

When We Get More Hits We WILL Re-Do  The Contest

Burn Ya Later

~Cp Ghost 5~

Hi everyone

4 08 2008

hi everyone im cp ghost 5 and im an admin here.

ok soooo ummmm i have no idea wat to post but i will add a funny pics page sooooo Bye!


@~Cp Ghost 5~@